Here’s a sampling of radio interviews given after the publication of “Silence Deafening, Fukushima Fallout..A Mother’s Response”:

KPFA Project Censored ~ Kimberly Roberson and Libbe Halevy interviewed by professors Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips on Pacifica Radio

Dallas Ft. Worth fitness expert George DiGianni interviews Silence Deafening author Kimberly Roberson and Beyond Nuclear Radiation and Health Expert Cindy Folkers about Fukushima’s current and future impact on food in the US:

*Bellingham, Washington’s Joe Teejan interviews Cindy Folkers and Kimberly Roberson about man-made radiation being detected in the US food supply:

WGDR Personal and Political’s Stephanie Frasier interviews Kimberly Roberson and Beyond Nuclear’s Cindy Folkers about Fukushima:

Internationally Syndicated Nuclear Hotseat Producer Libbe HaLevy interviews Kimberly Roberson about the Radiation Awareness Protection Talk (RAPT) Audio Program…/lhalevy-20150119010104.mp3

AM 1190 Kern Corner Sacramento with Jeff Lamucchii and Kimberly Roberson:

Radio Ontario:

Interview on WOCM-FM — Bulldog and the Rude Awakening Show

Issues Today Syndicated Interview with Bob Gourley featuring Kimberly Roberson: click on the arrow

KPFA Project Censored: November 17, 2014 ~ Co-hosts Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff  devote the program to the latest developments in the continuing Fukushima nuclear crisis,  the consequences for Japan and the world, and safety measures that individuals can take. Libbe HaLevy  produces the online program “Nuclear Hotseat;” Kimberly Roberson is director of the Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network. They ask how families can protect themselves from the dangers of radiation exposures ~ Listen the radio show HERE


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