About Kimberly Roberson and New Health Design

An avid interest in natural health goes back to a crossroads in life: either take a “cocktail” of prescribed medications to try to control rheumatoid arthritis (and try to cope with long term side effects from the drugs), or learn to take charge of my health by paying closer attention to the food, nutritional supplement and lifestyle choices I made on a daily basis.  The answer was easy: chose to eat and live better. Seeing and feeling those results led to studying holistic nutrition and enjoying a much healthier life as a result.  As a very wise person once said, “Health is wealth”.  Wellness & lifestyle coaching are blended with nutrition education for you here at New Health Design.

I’ve also had the privilege of working with clients in recovery from chemical dependency and eating disorders.  My resume includes consulting and lecturing at several well-established Bay Area recovery facilities with clients from all walks of life.  I’ve consulted and worked on staff at Bayside Marin,  Epiphany House at Mt. St. Joseph St. Elizabeth Hospital, Haight Ashbury Free Clinic and Henry Ohlhoff  Recovery Programs for both inpatient and outpatient services. This specialized clinical experience has fully prepared me to work with a wide range of clients and their needs.  Click on Recovery to learn more for yourself, a patient/client or loved one.

Environmental activism continues to drive my interest in nutrition and natural health because, truth be told, food is one of the few ways that we connect with the earth on a daily basis. A healthy food supply doesn’t come easy ~ in fact it’s a real citizen effort to feed our families in the safest way possible.  Whether it’s healthfully or not, mindfully or not, is up to us. If we don’t have our health and a safe planet for this and future generations, nothing else really matters.  I want to share this information and experience with you where it matters most: helping to improve quality of your life.

The New Health Design philosophy:

Ask yourself, do you start today or tomorrow?   Today it is possible to address your own unique nutrition concerns and needs today, starting now. It’s hard to know where to turn sometimes, so this website was created to help you best prepare for the environmental stressors that we face every day.  Our internal environment is important just as is the environment around us; their link is intrinsic.  When it comes right down to it, it’s important to understand that a healthy immune system is our best hope.

Browse  the newest immune supportive products from quality sources under the Shop section. Waiora’s Natural Cellular Defense 2 (NCD2) removes heavy metals and toxins in the most effective and safest way possible AND is kid friendly (meaning they’ll actually take it).  New Phoenix Rising’s BioLumina is a mineral rich, detoxifying spirulina with amazing health benefits. Green Polka Dot Box is a convenient buyers club for non-GMO and organic consumers who may not have access to safe food. Enter Newhealth10 at checkout and receive 10% off your membership Shop. 

Cook great tasting, healthy food from the Recipes section and see if eating for health doesn’t significantly improve the way you look and feel. And we’re not talking microwaving here.  A real kitchen (or foodie, culinary, slow food, you name it) experience takes a bit more time but is so much more rewarding.  Food is one of the few ways we connect with the earth on a daily basis, and it can be wonderful if we’re mindful and take the time. Little steps are important, and it all starts with a cup of soothing tea or a nutrient rich smoothie. You will also find a large selection of titles for cookbooks and holistic health books under Resources.

Discuss  the possibilities in taking a integrative team approach together. In Services you will find a menu of choices including one-on-one consultations, menu, grocery planning and more all offered either in person, by phone, online, or by Skype.